Hager CD 480 164356 Circuit Breaker.

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Hager CD480U - 25A 30mA Four Pole Inter Differential RCCD

Cat No:CD480U

To open a circuit automatically in the event an earth fault between phase and earth, and/or neutral and earth. A wide range of current ratings and sensitivities are available. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Technical Data

Product No: 164356

Complies with BS EN 61008, IEC1008

Terminal capacities: 16-63A Rigid 25mm2; Flexible 16mm2


Positive contact indication is provided by the rectangular flag indicator

Red = Closed

Green = Open

Indication of trip is provided by the oval flag indicator

Yellow = Tripped

All RCCBs have trip free mechanisms and can be padlocked either on or off.

Operating Temperature Range * 5 to 40ºC class AC * 25 to 40ºC class A

Operating Voltage: 4P 230-400Vac

Width: 4P - 70mm

Rated at im = 1500A

Conforms to BS 61008


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Hager CD 480 164356 Circuit Breaker.

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