Volvo Penta D Series Marine Engines

Volvo Penta D Series Marine Engines

First released in 2004 the Volvo Penta D series diesel Marine Engine features some of the latest and greatest technology available to boat owners today. The D series uses a common rail system and offers many benefits to boat owners over the earlier incarnations of Volvo diesel engine such as the KAD44, 300, 42 and the like.

The common rail system is key to many of the benefits of the D4, D6 and D9 engines, the balanced and finely controlled output of fuel to injectors mean that smoke levels, previously a problem especially on the 31A and 41A manufactured between 1986 and 1990, have greatly improved, likewise with emissions, which could be of interest considering ever changing legislation.

Volvo Penta herald the greater fuel economy, their published figures suggest that an improvement of 35 – 40% is possible when compared to the older mechanical injection, certainly in our experience here at Coastal Rides, we can confirm these figures are accurate, and have found that savings of anything up to 50 % are achievable.

The refined engine design offers balanced power, a flat torque curve across the rev range now means that the power you need is waiting, giving quicker pick up and acceleration. Many boat owners have found going from a twin install to a single installation is now a genuine option, and the associated savings, only having to maintain and service one engine have obvious appeal.

The wealth of information available on these new engines is also a welcome improvement, no more trial and error for marine engineers, taking apart old engines and replacing this and that, only for the  problem to still be there. Now simply plug in a diagnostic tool and the fault code will tell you the exact problem. Of course this means you need to get somebody down with a diagnostic tool, typically a Volvo Penta engineer, but in the long run this may well work out cheaper, and as with the auto industry it is only a matter of time until there are unofficial aftermarket diagnostic tools available..

As the Uk's Independent Volvo Penta specialist we have many years experience of Volvo Penta marine engines, and we cannot sing the praises of the D series high enough, we have performed many fit outs, replacing older Aquamatic and KAD engines with D4 Diesel Marine engines and Volvo Penta D6 engines, amongst others, here is a couple of case studies..

Portifino 375 had a pair of KAD42s removed and replaced with 2 x D4 300hp, fuel saving was 40%, top speed was increased by 6 knots and acceleration was improved, you can see Roy from the Sunseeker Experiences thoughts on our testimonials page..

Cygnus had a pair of KAD 32s and replaced with single D6 370, fuel economy was improved by 50%, top speed 4 knots and improved acceleration..

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