Aquafish Boats Update March 2018

Aquafish Boats Update March 2018

We have had a successful 1st year with the Aquafish Boats brands. We are currently assembling boat 4 & number 5 is in the mold tool...

Boat number 3 is now complete and will be going in the water within a couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for the updates. We have had a lot of interest in the Aquafish 28, with enquiries from all over Europe; Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Iceland, Ireland & Portugal among others and for a variety of uses / user groups; divers, pro & leisure angling, commercial fishing boats, weekenders & families.

The Bare hull being just £12'750 + vat you can see why there is such a buzz. We currently have a 23 & a 28 side by side in the yard, the difference in size is remarkable and again you can see why many 23 owners are considering the upgrade to the 28. Check out the photos and videos, the 28 looks even more impressive in the 'flesh'... We have seen the spec sheet for the Aquafish 28 Special Grey Edition demo boat that is currently in the mold tool, it is impressive to say the least and displays the range of fit-out available well.

Aquafish owner Paul is super excited for the future of the brand & the boat industry in general. This last few years has seen great advances in the technology & marine electronics has finally come of age. Commercial fishing technology is now available to the consumer market at an affordable price. What might have cost upwards of £10,000 a few years ago is now just a fraction of that cost.

Industry leaders Raymarine have used their many years of old-school sonar knowledge to develop new fish finding and positioning technology; with downvison, realvision, 3d vision & chirp technologies meaning that users can now see a really clear picture of what is under the water, whereas before it was difficult to tell a sandbank from a boat, or fish from seaweed. There is now the quality and definition to see exactly what lies beneath.

The new Raymarine Axiom Navigation System pulls this all together and is the height of the current technology. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming demo videos to be published on our Facebook and Youtube channels. Make sure you follow us to be notified.

Happy boating guys.